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Reason Why Hair Transplantation is Becoming a Popular Choice

Why Hair Transplant is Becoming so Famous

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There are many cosmetic procedures that have become more popular with the turn of the century. However, none has picked up as much as the hair transplantation procedure. From top celebrities to your Everyday Joe, everyone is opting for this procedure to get a more youthful look.

While hair transplant has been around for a long time, it was only the last decade or so when it has picked up by the majority as a go-to procedure to get a rejuvenated look. In fact, it is not the just the men who are getting a hair transplant treatment , there are quite a number of women who have been choosing this procedure as well.

Male pattern baldness is a real problem that has been plaguing a number of men as early as in their twenties. However, women too experience thinning of hair, especially after the menopause. Loss of hair can also occur due to excessive use of styling products and multiple heat treatments.

While people used to opt for serums and other supplements for the nourishment of their hair, people today are not afraid to make a big decision such as opting to have hair transplantation.

The primary reason for this is because the technology has become much more advanced. In the initial days, hair transplantation did not produce the best hair transplant results. The procedure in itself was crude and invasive and the transplanted hair looked patchy and anything but natural.

However, with the advancement of technology, the technique has undergone a number of innovations and refinement. With the present tools and equipment, the procedure is much more precise and minimally invasive. Male pattern baldness treatment in Delhi has achieved heights and is producing natural results.

In the older days, most hair specialists used the FUT procedure, where the hair was transplanted in strips. Then came the more advanced and much more precise FUE or Follicular Extraction procedure. In this method, each follicle of hair is individually harvested from the back of the hair in a random order rather than a strip and is transplanted on to the balding spots. The results produced through this procedure are far more superior and looks extremely natural. You can look at the hair transplant results before after in India and judge the quality yourself.

The hair starts growing within two to four months of getting the procedure done. You can look forward to a full head of hair within a year. After the hair starts growing, it is exactly the same as having natural hair and no one would be able to tell the difference.

There is virtually no time needed for recuperation period. There is no pain and scarring associated with FUE. There are only pinprick like marks that last for about a week which can be easily hidden by using a cap. You can easily fit the appointment into your busy schedule and go on about your work after the procedure is finished. DermaClinix, a popular hair transplant clinic in Delhi specializes in the FUE method which produces superior results.

Another reason why hair transplant has been gaining exposure is due to its related exposure. Back in the old days, this cosmetic procedure was reserved only for the most elite people, opted by celebrities and movie stars to preserve the youthful look. However, as more people have been opting for the procedure, it has gained a momentum. The media exposure for the procedure also has made it more popular among the mass. Under the care of the best hair transplant specialist, the transplanted hair looks as natural as the hair you were born with.

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